Thank you! Without people like you, the country would not have been able to cope with the pandemic. It has not been easy, and we have had several setbacks, but they have not been your responsibility, but that of the political class.

During the pandemic, we’ve discovered that the structures we had before are no longer adequate for us. That the most powerful country in the world is threatened by a virus because millions of its workers do not have health insurance. That the oldest democratic country in the world is threatened because for centuries we have let racism corrupt our social, political and economic structures.

Until we said, enough!

Now it’s our turn to look to the future. Today, more than ever, the future is in your hands. The future belongs to those who overcome their fears. Of those who unite to claim their rights.

  • The right to a workplace free of COVID-19
  • The right to be compensated for infection if the company did not take precautions.
  • The right to paid sick leave.
  • The right to overtime pay.
  • The right to hazard pay.

Yes, you have rights! And this is the time to join your fellow workers and fight for them.